A Brooks lineage


John BROOKS, Sr., Esq. (Miller and Justice of the Peace), b. circa 1690 in England; m. Susan ______; d. circa 1766. They had issue:
1. Thomas BROOKS, b. circa 1710 in England
2. Joab BROOKS, Esq., b. circa 1712 in England
3. John BROOKS, Jr., b. circa 1715 in England
4. Mark (or Marcus) BROOKS, b. circa 1720 in England
5. James BROOKS, b. circa 1725 in England
6. Isaac BROOKS, b. circa 1727 in England
"A Bible record says 'John Brooks and consort, Susan, from England, thought about 1700.' Through succeeding generations there has been handed down a chest known as the 'Sea Chest' and said to have been brought from England by Susan Brooks, wife of John Brooks, Sr. On the side of the chest in original lettering is 'S.B.--1735.' So with all this evidence left behind, we accept the tradition that John Brooks, Sr., brought his family of six sons and his wife, Susan, from England to America in the early part of the seventeen hundreds... Records show us that John Brooks, Sr. was a man of influence. The family in England had been outstanding before they came to America. Named among the incorporators of the Virginia Company, 1609, was Sir John Brooks, listed 'in Virginia Commission 1631.' So it is easy to understand why John Brooks, Esq., came to America and was immediately identified as a member of the Courts in his adopted land. He also seems to have ben a man of wealth. He built what was then considered a costly home." (Source: Ida Brooks Kellam [1950], BROOKS & KINDRED FAMILIES, pp. 10-12.)


Joab BROOKS, Sr., Esq. (Judge), b. circa 1712 in England; m. Catherine DIMMAUX; d. 1775 in Chatham County, North Carolina, and had issue:
1. Margaret BROOKS, probably went to Tennessee
2. Larkin Tippett BROOKS, b. circa 1772, went to Tennessee
3. Sarah BROOKS, m. and went to Tennessee
4. Joab BROOKS, Jr., b. January 29, 1770
5. Isaac BROOKS, b. circa 1774
6. John Dimmaux BROOKS, b. 1775 in North Carolina
For Revolutionary service of Joab BROOKS, Sr., the Daughters of the American Revolution have accepted his service on the Commission of Peace in Chatham County, NC, 1775; DAR National No. 295993. (Source: Ibid., pp. 28-29, 62.)


John Dimmaux BROOKS, b. 1775 in North Carolina; m. Rebecca Boyd MCKAUGHAN in 1793 (b. 1775 in Pa., daughter of Archibald MCKAUGHAN, Jr., and wife Jane Mercer from Pa. to Tenn., and granddaughter of Archibald MCKAUGHAN, Sr., m. near Belfast Ireland, Rebecca BOYD, daughter of Falexander BOYD of Belfast, Ireland. They later came to New York and then to Pa. and then to Tenn. Rebecca (BOYD) MCKAUGHAN d. 8 November 1812 in Jackson County, Tennessee. They had issue:
1. Joab BROOKS, b. 1795, living in Scott County, Arkansas in 1874 and said he was 79 years old
2. Jane Mercer BROOKS
3. Mary Hudson BROOKS
4. Winnifred Chappel BROOKS
5. Sarah Blocker BROOKS
6. Catherine Harris BROOKS
7. Rebecca Dimmaux BROOKS
8. Archibald BROOKS
After his marriage John Dimmaux BROOKS went back to Chatham County, North Carolina for only a few years, but records show him buying and selling, and he also appears in the census. (Source: Ibid., p. 29.)


Joab BROOKS (Farmer), age 54 in 1850, b. in Tennessee and m. Nancy ______; who had children:
1. Aaron F. BROOKS, 1850 age 17, b. in Illinois
2. Joab W. BROOKS, 1850 age 14, b. in Carroll County, Tennessee
3. Thomas F. BROOKS, 1850 age 12, b. in Carroll County, Tennessee
4. William S. BROOKS, 1850 age 6, b. in Mississippi
5. Mary C. BROOKS, 1850 age 2, b. in Mississippi
(Sources: 1850 US Census, Prairie Twp., Prairie Co., Arkansas, p. 292:20; 1840 US Census, Carrol County, Tennessee, p. 34; 1830 US Census, Carroll County, Tennessee, p. 162; 1820 Census, Chatham County, North Carolina; 1800 U.S. Census, Chatham County, North Carolina.)
Joab was a Confederate soldier (2nd Mounted Rifles, Company B), enrolled on 20 September 1861 at Camp Cooper, Missouri by Col. McIntosh, initially for 12 months; promoted from Private to Corporal on 24 May 1862; captured at Reedville, Tennessee on 31 January 1863 and sent to City Point; left sick on 26 December 1863; captured again on 22 December 1864. (Source: CSA military records, US National Archives.)


Joab W. BROOKS (Farmer), b. 15 November 1838 in Carroll County, Tenn.; m. Florence Rosalee BILLINGSLEY in Bell County, Texas on 17 September 1871; d. 22 September 1908 in Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas; who had children:
1. George Harmon BROOKS, b. December 1872 in Bell County, Texas
2. Aaron Thomas BROOKS, b. 1876 in Bell County, Texas
3. Joseph Winfield BROOKS, b. November 1877 in San Angelo, Texas
4. David Pittman BROOKS, b. December 1880 in Texas
5. Caleb Sewell BROOKS, b. 3 December 1884 in Texas
6. Sweeney Lane BROOKS, b. 7 July 1886 in Texas
7. Beulah Myrtile BROOKS, b. 8 August 1889 in Silverton, Briscoe Co., Texas
8. Aureba Comfort BROOKS, b. 15 November 1892 in Silverton, Briscoe, Texas
9. Jessie Bryant BROOKS, b. 12 October 1894 in Silverton, Briscoe, Texas
(Sources: marriage certificate [LDS #981-034] and correspondence with #9 and with descendants of the above children in my possession; 1860 US Census, Jackson Township, Sevier County, Arkansas, 135:983 [enumerated with three apparently unrelated men]; 1870 US Census, Bell County, Beat No. 3, Texas 23:193 [enumerated with wife, Mary BROOKS, age 22, b. in Alabama]; 1880 US Census [with wife Florence R. BROOKS, age 25, and six of the above listed children], Bell County, Division No. 4, Texas, 37:310; 1900 US Census, Brisco County, Precinct No. 1, Texas, 1:3 [with Florence R. BROOKS and six of the above named children.])


Joseph "Jay" Winfield BROOKS (salesman, preacher), b. November 1877 in San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas; m. Clara Ada MORROW in Donley County, Texas on 3 January 1909; d. September 1913 in Hedley, Donley County, Texas (struck by lightning, standing in a wheat field while holding a knife).
1. Opal Avarilla BROOKS, 26 September 1909 in Giles, Donley County, Texas
2. Rotha Lee BROOKS;
3. Talbert Walker BROOKS, b. 13 March 1914 in Turkey, Hall County, Texas
Jay BROOKS' original "Day Book," concluding at the time of his death, is in my possession, received from Opal B. RUE in 1976. Along with details of business transactions, scriptural notations and religious reflections, in the book is a table recording wife "Clara's Girl Ovations" (menstrual cycles?) for periods 10 January 1909 to 24 June 1913. Note that T. Walker BROOKS (#3 above) was born nine months after this last date, six months after Jay BROOKS was struck by a bolt of lightning which left Clara a widow and two other infants fatherless. (Sources: birth and death certificates, interviews and correspondence with #1 and #2 above and their half-sister, Eunice Dean NUTT.)


Opal Avarilla BROOKS (Nurse), b. 26 September 1909 in Giles, Donley County, Texas; m. William H. Crosby on 3 August 1926 in Tucumcari, Quay County, New Mexico. In essence, she was running away from home. Crosby's stated age in the record was 31, while Opal was 16 (falsely claiming to be 18). A year later, on 27 August 1927, Opal was issued a Final Decree of divorce in District Court for Quay County, New Mexico (#3499), in which she alleged severe physical and emotional abuse by Crosby. One month prior to this decree, she m. Arthur Harold RUE (a former ministry student at Smith Bible College, Enid, Oklahoma; later a Bookstore Owner and Factory Worker) on 23 September 1927 in Kansas City, Kansas. Arthur H. RUE d. 9 December 1973 in Westland, Wayne County, Michigan. Opal B. RUE d. 12 March 1979 in Orange, California. They had four sons who grew to adulthood, married, and had children; and one daughter who died in infancy:
1. Jacqueline RUE, b. 22 July 1928 in Tucumcari, Quay County, New Mexico
2. William Arthur RUE;
3. Clyde Bieber RUE;
4. Robert Nelson RUE;
5. James Alphus RUE.
Opal B. RUE graduated from Cleveland Central Junior High School, June 1930; and from Detroit Practical Nursing Center in May 1960. She was employed at Plymouth State Home. She was a collector of antique dolls, many of which remain in the family. (Sources: birth, death, marriage certificates; interviews and correspondence with most of the above; childhood scrapbooks of Opal BROOKS and #3 above.)


Clyde Bieber "Bud" RUE (Math Teacher), b. 2 August 1934 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan; m. Bernette Ann WOLDIN (Early Childhood Educator) in Bound Brook, Middlesex County, New Jersey; d. 24 October 1993 in Milanville, Wayne County, Pennsylvania.
1. Thomas Scott RUE;
2. David Lawrence RUE;
3. John Douglas RUE;
4. Ella Marie RUE.
Clyde B. Rue graduated from Bentley High School, Livonia, Wayne County, Michigan 1953; enlisted in the US Navy, 20 October 1954 to 16 May 1958, served as an Electricians Mate 3rd Class on the USS Trout submarine; with assistance under the G.I. Bill received a B.A. degree in Education at Michigan State College, 1960; and an M.A. degree from Rutgers University, 1963. Teaching at various public school districts in New Jersey, in 1970 he and Ann established and maintained an educational summer camp called Innisfree in Milanville, Wayne County, Pennsylvania (where he died), and contributed to numerous charitable causes. He was a life member of the National Education Association. (Sources: birth, marriage, death certificates; academic transcripts and certificates, DD Form 214, newspaper clippings, personal knowledge.)


Thomas Scott RUE, m. Carmen Betsabe HERNANDEZ MEDRANO; who had three children:
1. Janesa Eugenia MARTINEZ;
2. Eduardo Carlos RUE;
3. Carolina Petrona RUE.